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Coatings, Inc.

Acme Coatings, Inc. is a family owned business, operating out of Avon, Indiana USA. Acme was founded upon it's specially developed Aluminide Electrophoretic Process. The AEP process was designed for the turbine components made by the Rolls Royce company and is thereby capable of providing a level of protection for turbine components that is unmatched in the industry.

Acme is a Rolls Royce licensed and certified coating facility as well as a certified FAA repair station operating under station number: OCMR782K.


We are prepared to provide you with the protection your components need in order to operate at their maximum potential.

Our Story

Acme Coatings has been operating for over 32 years while proudly boasting the claim of "Made in the USA". 

Acme Coatings is committed to delivering the best possible product to the client with service unmatched in the industry. This is why the biggest names in the industry trust Acme to coat and protect their parts.

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The AEP Process that Acme specializes in has been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration as well as the U.S. Armed Forces. 

Our Advantage

Our Advantage

Increased Turbine and Vane Life

Greater Resistance to Hot Corrosion

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Uniform Coating Thickness

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Improved Oxidation and Sulfidation Resistance

Lower Overhaul and Refurbishment Costs

Contact Us

Contact Us

  • 240 Production Dr.

       Avon, IN. 46123

  • Phone: (317)-272-6202

  • Fax: (317)-272-5314

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